Fainting goats
We have an ongoing testing program
for Johnne's, CL and CAE. All test
results have been negative since we
started in 2011. Latest tests
completed Feb 2017

all goats over 1 year old have just been tested and are negative for CL, Cae and Johne's. There will be
goats  for sale once all the babies are weaned. End March/beginning of April and I will try to keep the
website up to date. All goats sold will go with application to register, microchip and a copy of the testing on
either the goat or parents. We can work with shippers and pick-up dates and may be able to offer a small
discount on multiple sales. I will work through any enquiries on a first come, first served basis, so please be
patient with me.

Contact us at:
918-247-7099  918-344-6991

Located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.