Fainting goats
We have an ongoing testing program
for Johnne's, CL and CAE. All test
results have been negative since we
started in 2011. Latest tests
completed Nov 2015

We have been breeding Myotonic (Fainting) goats for many
years. Our goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat
Registry as we believe this is the best way we can maintain the
breed and work towards a definitive breed standard.

We sometimes have goats for sale and if you are interested in
starting or augmenting your herd with new bloodlines, give us a
call on 918-247-7099, to discuss availability.

Myotonics are a gentle breed and make good pets or 4-H
Projects. Goats sold as pet quality must be handled daily from a
young age and as they are a herd animal, they need the
company of other goats. Bottle fed babies can be more
domesticated but we do not pull babies from their mothers in
order to make better pets.

Contact us at:
918-247-7099  918-344-6991

Located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.