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Sales Policy


We can hold your animal/s until weaned or until an agreed pick-up date for a 50% deposit
per animal. We will agree a pick up date, at the time of sale, for the animal being held till
weaned. If not picked up within 7 days of the agreed date then we will charge $3.00 per
day, per animal for board and lodging. animals not picked up within 3 weeks of the agreed
date will become the property of Raby Hillside Acres and your deposit will not be refunded,
unless we reach prior agreement on a new pick-up date.


We do not arrange shipping but will pack your animal safely and securely for transport, if
you provide the carrier and making the shipping arrangements. You must provide the
appropriate shipping container, as per your shippers requirements. We can provide the names
of several people who are in the animal transportation business but any contact made will be
between you and the transport company.